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Just imagine, you have just reached your home from the office and saw some unexpected guest who has just arrived at your place and is going to have dinner with you, but all you have got in your fridge is some apple pie that you couldn’t finish yesterday, what would do in such situation?

You ain’t going to go for ordering food from the restaurant for sure it’s going to look a bit awkward I guess.

So, the best option open to you is cooking something within a short which you can get done pretty quickly.

But is it really possible to make something delicious enough with so much exhaustion? Yes, it is possible. But before telling you about what is going to help you to do that, let me ask you something.

Farberware 7-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker: Easing your cooking up

Do you know what makes a cook the best one? The amazing taste of his/her food and how fast he/she is getting it to that level of taste through his/her cooking.

But making a tasty dish within a short time doesn’t only depend on how good you can memorize the steps of the cooking or the name of the required ingredients, but also how fast your required tools are aiding you to finish up the cooking.

Today I am about to tell you something that is capable of easing up your pace of cooking and get it done within the time you want it to.

It is a pressure cooker. Yeah, you might be thinking what’s with that? I’ve got one in my house. No, It’s not just a pressure cooker. It is the Farberware 7-1 programmable pressure cooker.

I know it is pretty much difficult for you to differentiate this one from all the other of the same kind without knowing what it has to offer you and why I am suggesting this one for your kitchen.

Before you go through any other Farberware pressure cooker review let me tell you why your kitchen deserves one of these.


Notable Features:

6-Qt pressure cooker:

Capacity is surely one of the most important and considerable facts while choosing an electric pressure cooker. Because you never know when there is you might have to cook for more people than you usually do, so you definitely would like to be prepared for anything.

If you don’t know how much 6-Qt means, then let me brief you on that. The measurement for Qt or quart actually varies a little on the basis of where you are living currently.

In the case of Britain, the quantity equivalent to 1 quart is 1.13 Lt. But when it comes to the United States the quantity is equivalent to 0.94 Lt. Again in North America, the quantity is equivalent to 1.10 Lt.

But more or less it is close to 1 Lt. So if you are worried that if the capacity of the pressure cooker is going to be enough for your regular cooking, then you can be sure that it will be perfect for you.

Rubber gasket for perfect seal:

It is a must for any electric pressure cooker to maintain the perfect pressure and keep sealed to keep the pressure within to get food cooked on time.

One of the external aspects of this pressure cooker in this the rubber gasket on the upper side. It helps to create the right amount of pressure for cooking and keeps the pressure within the pressure cooker.

But one thing that about the rubber gasket is, it needs to be cleaned properly. Otherwise, it might not be able to hold the pressure within the cooker as the steam might go out.

So, if you are going to get this one make sure that you are cleaning it in the proper manner to ensure its function.

Safety pressure realizing valve:

This for sure is one of the most important and common parts of any pressure cooker that you will find in the market. But this pressure cooker contains the safety pressure release valve, that ensures the precise pressure that you are going to need.

We all know how a pressure cooker works by accumulating pressure within the container. But the pressure needs to release as well, right?

For that, it contains a pressure releasing exhaust valve that will ensure releasing the pressure within the right after the cooking is done and before you get the upper part open.

In any of the Farberware pressure cooker reviews, you may see the mentioning about this feature very specifically.

9 Pre-set buttons:

Most probably it is the most amazing part of this pressure cooker is its 9 pre-set buttons, which has made cooking more easier than ever. Even people with minimum cooking experience can cook easily with the help of this pressure cooker.

Farbarware has divided into 9 Middle sections in which the first one is to slow cook, the second one is for soups and stews, the third one is for rice and risotto, the fourth one is for fish steam, the fifth one is for steak and meat, the sixth one is for chicken, the seventh one is for vegetable steam, the eighth one is for beans and lentils, the ninth one is for brown and sear.

I guess now you have got the idea that which button works for what. This surely can make your task of cooking easy, even if you don’t even know much about cooking. All you need to do is, push some buttons according to what you are thinking to cook.

LED Display:

The function of the LED display here is pretty much easy for you to understand I guess. As it is an electric pressure cooker, for obvious reason the LED display is what going to help you understand the cooking progress.

The start-stop function, the time remaining, all of these are going to appear on the LED display, so is the finishing of the cooking.

Easy Grips:

Ease of handling is one of the important aspects that people seek in any kitchen-related tool. Farberware 7-1 programmable pressure cooker has a comfortable grip that will help you to move it from one place to another along with pouring the dishes to the pots if you need to.

Large locking lid:

The most important part of the pressure cooker is its large locking lid. It is for obvious reason is the prime part of the pressure cooker that holds the whole pressure that has been accumulated within the pressure cooker.

So, it is being strong enough matters the most over here. If the lid is weak, it might not be able to handle the pressure all the time and come off in between while the cooking is going on.

But as Farberware 7-1 programmable pressure cooker contains a strong large locking lid, it can easily keep up with the pressure.

Awesome Design:

It doesn’t matter how much the performance matters to you when it comes to any kitchen tools, yet you can’t ignore that look also matters over here.

So, whenever you are thinking about getting a pressure cooker, you surely don’t want it to come with an ugly look and when it an electric pressure cooker, the significance of out raises to a higher stage.

Farberware 7-1 programmable pressure cooker is amazing looking electric pressure cooker that will adjust with your kitchen without spoiling its look, as it has the elegance and efficiency in both performance and design.

Strong Structure:

A pressure cooker’s job is not easy, as its objective is to maximize your ease while cooking. For the level of pressure that it goes through it requires a strong structure that can keep up with the pressure.

Otherwise, what can happen, we all can easily assume. Farberware 7-1 programmable pressure cooker is not going to disappoint you from that aspect either as it is designed in a way with the perfect structure for holding the pressure on when it is active.

Easy Cleaning:

No one, for sure, wants a pressure cooker that is a hell of work when it comes to cleaning. To ease up that task of yours, Farberware 7-1 programmable pressure cooker is quite easy to clean up.

Though most of the people think that electronic kitchen tools are always complicated to clean up, as there is the possibility of things going wrong and the machine may not work after that.

But Farberware 7-1 programmable pressure cooker is easier to take care of and cleaning up at the same time.

Material -Stainless Steel:

Material is an influential fact while choosing kitchen tools because the sustainability of it to a huge extent depends on it. Farberware 7-1 programmable pressure cooker is made with a good quality stainless steel which has made it more sustainable, easy to clean and resistant to rust.

These are indeed some of the features that anyone will look in an electric pressure cooker and Farberware 7-1 programmable pressure cooker has gotten all of them.


Pros and Cons:


  • Farberware 7-1 programmable pressure cooker has this elegant look that will adjust to any kind of kitchen out there without ruining its overall compatibility.
  • It minimizes the overall cooking time.
  • Its LED display allows anyone to understand its operation status.
  • It is so easy to use that even if you are not much of a cooking person, you can easily understand and use it without much of a hazard.
  • It is quite easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about being an electric pressure cooker if the cleaning process can get more complicated.
  • As it is made of stainless steel, the durability is also ensured there.
  • Due to having a structure strong enough in keeping up with pressure built within you can rely on it easily.
  • This doesn’t require much of monitoring like the regular stovetop pressure cooker
  • The safety pressure release valve ensures the proper maintenance of the precise pressure that is required for the cooking.
  • As it is made of stainless steel, it is resistant to rust.
  • As it has the way to be used in a diversified way, you can cook several dishes without much of a consideration.
  • It has a large locking lid that helps to keep the pressure within, in a precise manner.
  • 9 pre-set buttons make it more useful and easy than the regular pressure cooker of yours.
  • Due to having large capacity 6-Qt, you can cook for a whole family with it.
  • Its rubber gasket makes the perfect seal and doesn’t let the pressure to go out.
  • As it has the easy-grip, it eases up the portability. So, you can take it from one place another comfortably and that will also help you with pouring from it.
  • This electric pressure cooker is not noisier, as the regular stovetop pressure cooker.
  • For inexperienced cooks, this can be a game-changer.


  • Not cleaning the Rubber gasket may not be able to create the perfect seal to keep the pressure within. So, for maintaining the perfect pressure and for quicker cooking make sure that the rubber gasket is being cleaned properly.
  • You cannot use it outdoors, like the stovetop pressure cooker.
  • Excessive careless usage may lead it to malfunction.


Things to be Considered While Buying

Consideration list something that helps one to make the right buying decision regarding any product out there no matter what it is.

From that sense, the purchase of an electronic pressure cooker surely will require so more specific considerations that need to be within the probable choice of yours.

Let’s have a glance at the things that actually help you to choose the electronic pressure cooker for you among the various brands available in the market.

  • Understand your need: The prime driving force that basically works within us at the time of buying something is the need. So, analysis of a need is highly required at the time of making a buying decision. In the case of an electric pressure cooker, you should also think of that. This means you need to be sure of your need for an electric pressure cooker and if this what is going to serve your purpose in the best of the manners. Suppose, if you think that all the alternatives you have are comparatively complicated than having an electric pressure cooker, then buying it is your best possible choice.


  • Material Quality: Almost every pressure cooker that you will see in the market are made of stainless steel. So it is all the electric pressure cookers as well. But the thing you need to be concerned about is the quality of the material. Because a lower grade material is not going to serve you in the manner as you expect it to. It might get rust, damaged or other problems that may take place due to lower grade materials. So, try to make sure that the one you are choosing is made of a material that has comparatively better quality.


  • Size: Size is one of the most important facts that need to be considered at the time of buying an electric pressure cooker. For that, you need to understand that for which purpose you are going use it along with, maximum for how many people you will or may have to cook. Because if you are going to choose a smaller one that might put you in a little trouble as you are for sure is not going to cook the same dish twice. So choose one with the size that will be sufficient for the people that you want to feed.


  • Functions: The most basic difference between the stovetop and electric pressure cooker is their function. From a certain point of view, they are actually doing the same task, but the price difference is on the way they function. For example, in most of the electric pressure cookers, you will see that they have a different function for different kinds of foods. You need to just find out the one that will serve you the best.


  • Perfect sealing: Pressure cookers are meant to do the cooking with the accumulated heat and pressure within. But what if it doesn’t have a good sealing system. It might get you the unfortunate result that you might not like encountering. So, make sure that the one you are choosing has the perfect sealing that can ensure the precise pressure.


  • Brand: Brand is capable of influencing a person’s choice more than any other fact, even in some cases more than the performance. When you are out there for choosing the best electric pressure cooker, the brand factor will also work here. As the good brands hold most of the people’s reliability, you should also think of the brand before making any final buying decision.


  • Ease in cleaning: Cleaning is something that is considered as one of the most important parts of when someone is thinking about buying kitchen tools, It doesn’t matter if is a fork or a fridge. Because the more difficult something is too clean, the more it loses its appeal doesn’t matter how amazing it is from the performance aspect. So, when you are evaluating the electric pressure cookers, make sure that they are not going to cause you a hell of work while cleaning it up.


  • Safety: You should never ever compromise with safety, it doesn’t matter whatever you are buying and in case of electric pressure cookers, you should be more cautious in choosing the safest one. So, check the safety feature of the pressure cooker in the very first place.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question – 01: How to understand by looking at the LED display, when the cooking is done?

Answer:  You will see the 0H on the display when the cooking is done. Mainly it indicates the time remaining of cooking being finished. If you are seeing 1H then One hour is remaining to the cooking being finished, and if it is 2H then it is two hours.

Question – 02: Is the lid washable in the dishwasher?

Answer: It will be better if you can avoid that. The fact is while washing it in the dishwasher, the morsels of food might get stuck in it, and moreover the rubber gasket may get damaged in this process and you know how important it is to seal the pressure.

Question – 03: What the removable container is made of and is durable?

Answer: It is made of coated Teflon and yes, it is durable. You won’t have to worry much of it getting damaged any sooner.

Question – 04: Does it contain any settings for making yogurt?

Answer: No, it doesn’t contain any setting for yogurt.

Question – 05: How is the performance of this pressure cooker when it comes to cooking frozen meat?

Answer: A lot of people might have this question that how the performance will be of this electric pressure cooker when it comes to cooking the frozen meat. Yes, it can easily do that without consuming much of a time.


The perfect completion of a kitchen is dependent on a lot of things because the kitchen is the canvas for any of the cooks to create their masterpiece.

But not every time, the time is going to be in your favor. This is where the perfect kitchen accessories and tools are going to make your way out.

The electric pressure cooker is what might become your best chance to get the things within the time and my suggestion to you would be Farberware 7-1 programmable pressure cooker as it will not only help you to get the cooking done within time but also will make your kitchen a smarter one.

So before you go through any other Farberware pressure cooker review I hope my article will help you make a more efficient decision in this manner.

Emily Hargreaves

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