Strong 5 Best Japanese Rice Cooker Reviews of 2020

Do you like rice, and are you looking to save time in preparation? Try a rice cooker. This cooking appliance facilitates the development of your rice and cereal dishes while promoting the quality of your recipes.

It allows you to cook the right quantity of rice and keep it warm for a long time. After trying it, you would no longer want to use a pan to prepare your rice.

But we still have to find the best Japanese rice cooker model for the best result.

Why the Japanese rice cooker?

Well, why not? The use of Japanese rice cooker is increasing day by day.

Its primary utility is no mystery: it serves to cook rice. For someone accustomed to the traditional method, it can be a somewhat unnecessary expense.

However, rice cookers have many more functions and advantages that can make our lives much more comfortable in the kitchen.

White rice is always perfect, but a Japanese rice cooker allows you to prepare a multitude of dishes with other ingredients, including desserts.

When purchasing a rice cooker, you must take into account whether or not it has the following characteristics: that it has a capacity that allows cooking at one time the amount of rice you need (served as a side dish or side dish of the main course).

Here we present the Japanese rice cooker reviews for you.

Top-rated best Japanese rice cooker Comparision Chart & Reviews

Comparison Chart

01 Zojirushi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

The first rice cooker we bring is from the well-known brand Zojirushi. Like all its products, it has an elegant design, is resistant, and is designed to last a long time.

It has a Zojirushi stainless steel housing and a designed lid that entirely keep the heat.

This electric rice cooker is designed so that you can leave the rice at the point you like best: it even serves as a rice cooker for sushi and includes a removable tray so you can use it for steaming.

It includes extras as a nonstick removable bowl automatic maintenance of heat, auto-off a spatula, and up for 1.0 liter.


  • Elegant, sturdy and durable
  • Simple to use, with lots of extra accessories
  • Versatile, allows you to prepare many different dishes
  • You can use it for steaming


  • It requires practice so that the rice fits you perfectly


If you want to cook rice quickly and simply, both to make simple dishes and more elaborate sushi-style dishes, this Zojirushi brand steamer rice cooker is for you.

With a lot of extra functions, elegant design, and made of resistant and durable materials, it is one of the best choices you can make if you are looking for such a device.

The negative point that I could find for this rice cooker is that you will have to take the spot to prevent it from sticking to you; In the beginning, it can be difficult, but as soon as you receive the trick, the rice will be perfect for you.


2. Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating System Rice Cooker

Our next pot for cooking rice is specially designed so you can prepare it to your liking easily and quickly.

With two different models (1 and 1.8 liters capacity), you can buy a rice cooker that suits your needs exactly.

It is made of stainless steel, so it is a durable and robust product. Inside it has a removable tray made of nonstick material so that you do not stick the rice when preparing it and make it very easy to clean.

Finally, it includes several extras that make using this rice cooker very intuitive: automatic disconnection, protection against dry boiling, function to keep warm, capacity for up to 15 portions of rice, and non-slip function. All this, at an unbeatable price.


  • Intuitive and straightforward to use
  • Great value for money
  • Durable and attractive
  • A lot of extras to make the process easier


  • Take up enough space


If what you are looking for is to prepare rice in a rice cooker in the simplest way possible, without having to be constantly aware of the process, this rice cooker is what you were looking for.

It is an attractive, resistant, and very intuitive product, which will allow you to prepare your rice effortlessly and in record time.

The biggest drawback of this electric rice cooker is the amount of space it occupies, but it can be stored comfortably due to how resistant it is, without fear of damage.


3. Zojirushi NP-GBC05XT Induction Heating System Rice Cooker

This curious rice cooker moves away from the rest of the ones we see in this guide. This is another product of the Zojirushi march.

The idea is simple: it has a stainless bowl of three liters of capacity that can be cook or steam and also keep the rice warm. It has a system to be able to add more water while it is running so that everything is to your liking.

The base is made of stainless steel and includes a timer of up to 60 minutes with an automatic disconnection system. Although this steamer rice bowl occupies a lot of mounting space, the containers can be stacked for compact storage.


  • Up to 0.54 liters capacity
  • You can prepare meals, steam, or keep food warm all in one pot.
  • Tough and durable
  • Very comfortable to use


  • Take up enough space


If you need to cook a lot of rice at once, or you like to prepare different types of steamed food, this rice cooker is what you were looking for.

With up to 0.54 liters of capacity, resistant and durable materials, and simplicity of use, it is a great option that you cannot miss.

The biggest drawback of this electric rice cooker is that it occupies a lot of space, but it compensates thanks to its enormous capacity.


4. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker

The next Japanese rice cooker that we are going to examine is also from the well-known Zojirushi brand. It is specially designed as a machine for sushi rice, with the possibility of adjusting the cooking time so that it looks exactly the way you like it.

Simple but elegant design, it is covered with nonstick material inside and includes an indicator of the water level so you can see how much you have to add. It is effortless to clean, and its power cable is detachable, so you can put it directly on the table.

As extra functions, it has the option of keeping the rice hot after cooking.

It also includes a hard plastic tray for steaming other foods, ventilation with the prevention of side effects, and a gift spatula to make it easier for you to serve the rice when it is ready.


  • Beautiful and durable
  • Simple to use, with marks to see the amount of water needed
  • Extra functions to facilitate the process
  • Simple to clean


  • The body is not well constructed


If you are looking for an electric rice cooker for decent sushi, which includes everything you need to cook rice quickly and easily, and is durable and straightforward to clean, the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker is what you were looking for.

With a simple and elegant design, it will allow you to prepare all kinds of dishes without complications.

The negative point of this rice cooker for sushi has somewhat weak outside construction. But if you use it carefully, this should not be a problem.


5. Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker

The last rice cooker on the list is mainly characterized by its small size, perfect for those who do not have much space in the kitchen. It has two models, one of 5.5 cups (perfect for a single person) and another of 10 cups for those who need to cook more rice at once.

The operation is effortless: it has three functions, one for cooking, one for maintaining the heat, and another for steaming using an accessory included as standard.

Although it is intended as a rice cooker, it can be used to steam any type of food.

It is covered with nonstick material to prevent sticking of the rice, and on the outside, it has an anti-burn element, so there are no accidents.

In addition, it includes an interchangeable signal to make it even easier.


  • It occupies very little space
  • Great value for money
  • Very simple to use
  • Includes easy to use functions


  • It has low capacity


If you want to cook rice quickly and simply but do not want to buy a pot of rice that occupies you half a kitchen, the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker is what you were looking for. Ideal for a single person or a couple, it has everything you need in an electric rice cooker in half the space and at an excellent price.

The biggest drawback of this rice cooker is that it does not have much capacity, but it is perfect for one or two people.



 What is the difference between Japanese rice cooker and others?

If we know well the differences in Japanese cuisine and others, we are already seeing some of the most famous distinctions between these two models of an electric rice cooker. Depending on the type of rice we want to make, we must choose one model or another.

The various types of rice are sometimes more popular than others because they are easier to find, but if we want a more sophisticated Japanese dish, we will definitely get that only in any kitchen Japan.

This is why they made a traditional Japanese rice cooker. So that not only rice but the other kind of food (such as sushi) can also be made properly.

Which Zojirushi rice cooker is the best?

There is no wonder that all the cookers mentioned above are best at what they do. But if we have to choose one, we will go for Zojirushi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker.

This Japanese pot stands out for its convenience in the preparation of food whose correct cooking is complicated for ordinary mortals. This product saves time and effort to the user, who, following the instructions, achieves the preparation of the rice at its point and to your liking.

What is the best Japanese rice cooker?

In simple words, Japanese rice cooker Zojirushi.

The ZOJIRUSHI rice cookers have been designed and manufactured in Japan, which gives them the added value of technology and, simultaneously, of the Japanese tradition.

Moreover, around a highly appreciated food, respected and consumed by the Japanese, who are gastronomic experts in rice and in its preparation in an ideal way.

The excellence of these products represents a matter of honor for its manufacturers, mainly when they export it at the planetary level. In this regard, they offer a one year warranty.

The most relevant features offered by these rice cookers are their easy-to-read and easy-to-use LCD control panel, the internal spherical cooking pan that provides uniform heat, menu settings that include white or mixed rice, sushi rice, Brown rice, GABA brown rice, white jasmine, porridge, and quick cooking.



What aspects to consider before buying a machine to cook rice?

Currently, kitchen appliances, in this case, Japanese rice cookers, have become a necessity. Well, they allow you to get a bowl of perfect rice with simple steps, making your chores easier when cooking making you earn much more time.

Now, we mention a series of essential aspects that you should consider before buying a rice cooker. In this way, you will make the best possible acquisition:

How to choose a rice cooker?

One thing is sure, rice cookers are legion on the market. We can find something for all tastes and for all colors. We also find different materials, plastic, stainless steel, etc., different colors, white, black, gray, and above all, different technical characteristics.

It is at this level that you will have to be vigilant when you are going to compare the different models on the market.

To help you, here are some criteria to take into account to make a better-informed choice.


Generally speaking, all rice cookers cook rice. It is a standard function. The first difference that can be noted is the amount of rice that each model can cook.

Here, you will have to choose according to the number of people. For example, a 1 L rice cooker, which is equivalent to about 6 cups of rice, or 500 g of rice, corresponds to a household of 4 to 6 people.

Basically, one cup of rice equals two people. So do the calculation based on the number of people at your home.

The size of the rice cooker

Indeed, this is also a strong argument, since it will be necessary to install the rice cooker somewhere in the kitchen, on the work surface or the kitchen bench.

Then try to determine the ideal location for the device in your home and check the dimensions. However, a rice cooker is often compact and compact. Also, remember to check the presence of non-slip feet, which will contribute to the ease of use, but also to the stability of the device.

The strong points of the device

As said above, rice cooker cooks rice. Most models will, therefore, show little difference in functionality. Generally, a button (or two) is enough to launch the device. Once the cooking is done, it automatically goes into heat maintenance mode.

However, some more sophisticated models may offer more advanced functions, for example, programs for different types of cooking (soft, hard, dry, brown, semi-brown, mixed, etc.).

Some models also offer the possibility of a delayed start. So, for example, you can start cooking at 6 p.m. and find rice ready for your arrival in the evening after work.

Others can be delivered with particularly useful accessories, such as the cup and the spatula (the minimum), but also a spoon, even a sushi kit with mussels, etc. In all cases, you choose according to your needs, your expectations, but also your budget.

Ease of use

Otherwise, we could also talk about ease of use. It is always better to have a device that is easy to use (user manual, ergonomics, intuitive use, etc.), and easy to maintain.

Here, you should know that most models have removable components that can be washed in the dishwasher, which greatly facilitates cleaning.


Of course, the shape, the colors, each has its own tastes. But we can say and reassure you that there is everything on the market.

There are models in the shape of a pot, others adopting a very modern look, with LCD screen, different finishes (plastic, stainless steel, etc.), some taking a rather European look and others a rather Japanese look (black and red) to go with the central theme which is of course sushi…

Final verdict

A rice cooker is a great appliance that cooks rice automatically by releasing the steam that originates with water heating. This apparatus is constituted by two superimposed trays in which the water is inserted in the lower one and in the upper one the rice.

Also, these devices control the heat and cooking time so that you only have to enter the ingredients, press the power button and choose the type of program you want, be it, steam cooking, bank rice, oatmeal, quick-cooking, soup or brown rice.

So, if they do so much work, it is better to get yourself the best Japanese rice cooker.

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