6 Best Hot Plates Reviews 2020 [Electric, Induction & Infrared]

Lots of kitchen tools are changing over time. Technology is influencing all the things that my mother used to use in the kitchen. You may know about the hot plate that can be counted in this list.

To get the best option, you need to go through these hot plate reviews. This is a space-saving tool for you. The harness cutting technology lets us get the benefit of a hot plate.

This little tool works as a perfect pinch hitter. Maybe you are looking for an ultra-powerful tool like a hot plate in your kitchen. But what made hot plate best? Searching for the best hot plate is not an easy job.

Top 6 Hot Plates Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart

Best Hot Plates Reviews in 2020

Let’s discuss some best options for hot plates that can help you to make your job easy. 

1. Maxi-Matic ESB-301F Elite Cuisine Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Heating Plate

Make your cooking experience better with an elite unit of a hot plate. This Maxi-Metric ESB-301F Elite Cuisine heating plate is here to offer you such cooking experience.

It is the best hot plate for cooking. With some good features, this one becomes an amazing unit that can serve well. First of all, it can draw your attention with its adjustable temperate control. From low to high, you can set it to any level.

This is a single electric buffet burner which also considered as the best hot plate for college. The compact design needs less space for cooking. It’s compact and confined that loved by most users.

The cast iron flat plat ensures the heat from all sides to cook the food perfectly. It’s easy to clean with a cloth. Just wipe get the instant result.

The base always remains cool to prevent any accidental touch. So, your kids are also safe from it. To make the cooking fast, it got 1000 watts of power. It doesn’t skid easily form any kind of surface. The non-skid rubber feet make sure its stability.

What We Liked:

  • It’s powerful for fast cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Power indicator light
  • Easy temperature controlling system
  • Energy saving

What We Didn’t:

  • Durability compromised a bit

This best rated electric hot plate is for them who engaged with many cooking activities. With this best electric hot plate, you can easily ready dishes, warm any beverages in a short period of time. Let’s get this unit to meet your needs.


2. Duxtop Portable Hot Plate

Some high-quality hot plate is made to serve you in a better way. Duxtop Portable Hot Plate brings lots of features to the table. It is a great example of the best induction hot plate.

It’s simply a unit that can satisfy you. The power is enough to cook your food within a short time. This power is also defined as its efficiency.

This unit is very compact that offers a better storage option. Even it is lightweight that makes it easier to handle. This design is very much neat and tidy that allows us to use it everywhere.

So, it’s a perfect option for rooms, kitchen, RV, boats, etc. With this hot plate, you can make dishes in your kitchen. The power setting gives you more options to control the heat. This power is adjustable from 100W to 1800W.

It’s an amazing and energy efficiency tool that you need in your kitchen. If you want to boil water with it, then it will do it faster than your imagination. It is also featured with a digital LCD sensor.

Using this sensor you can enable a child safety lock. So, they cannot change the setting you set once.

What We Liked:

  • Easy to use
  • Safer unit for everyone
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic shutdown option
  • Lightweight

What We Didn’t:

  • It is a little noisy

This unit has the ability to impress you with its service and features. It can be a stylish addition to your kitchen. For better performance, you can get this efficient appliance


3. Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner Hot Plate

How many options you can check physically to get the right hot plate? It is impossible to test every model of the hot plate. This Cuisinart CB-30 Cast-Iron Single Burner Hot plate is one of the best options for you.

Because it is the best hot plate for frying. It is highly durable because of the cast iron skillet. It is made of the sturdy cast iron plate. This material is not a common one for most of the countertop burners.

If you look at this feature in other hot plates, then you will find a few of them. To make it functional you need more watt. It is a powerful 1300 watt. This power ensures a more enjoyable moment for cooking. This power is also helping the unit to heat faster.

It can also retain power. This helps you to use less power that saves you money. With the help of the knob, the user can control the temperate. To know the level you can see it with the help of the indicator lights. To adjust the plate temperate it has 6 different temperate settings.

What We Liked:

  • It’s easy to clean
  • It doesn’t slide easily
  • Indicator lights
  • Its highly durable

What We Didn’t:

  • A little slower

This is a versatile product that is also compact and sturdy. It will be a great choice if you buy this fancy unit for your kitchen


4. Proctor Silex 34103 Electric Single Burner Hot Plate

Your investment for a hot plate should be worthy. If you are looking to invest your money for the best single hot plate then Proctor-Silex 34103 Electric Single Burner is the one that you need.

The design can make you happy along with its other features. It’s compact to set everywhere. This size makes this unit more convenient to carry everywhere.

As a traveler, some people love this unit very much. This handy appliance is perfect where the space is limited. The design lets you clean it perfectly. A user can easily get access to clean this unit. When you need a cooking surface, then take this hot plate for you.

With the variable temperature knob, you can easily control the temperature. It is also featured with enough safety features. There is a light that ensures the power of this unit on or off. The non-skid feature keeps the unit stay on the place during the uses.

What We Liked:

  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable temperature control.
  • Light on the front

What We Didn’t:

  • Work best with the smaller pan

This is your burner, especially when you are out of space in your room or kitchen. It can make your cooking process simple and fast.


5. Cuisinart CB-60P1 Cast-Iron Double Burner HOT PLATE

In my opinion, this is the best double burner electric hot plate which is remarkable for your kitchen. The first thing you will find about this hot plate is the double burner.

This construction of this model of the hot plate is good enough to ensure its durability. It’s also a large unit. The massive power is helpful to cook your meals fast. The 1800 watts power makes it more powerful.

The 2 heavy-duty cast iron plates are made to deal with such power. This power helps to heat up quickly. The primary burner holds 1300 watts and a secondary burner holds 500 watts.

It has an indicator light to know the on/off situation. It has 6 settings that help to adjust the temperate that the user needs.

To prepare your meal perfectly you can easily control the temperate. This double burner is not only to cook more food but also save time as well. It doesn’t slip because it has the rubber legs.

After finishing the cooking with it, this unit just needs 15 minutes to cool down. So, you don’t need to wait longer to store it.

What We Liked:

  • It doesn’t slide from any surface
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Pressure cook is possible

What We Didn’t:

  • The cord gets got easily.

To choose the best double burner hot plate you can choose this unit. It can provide you an extra cooking surface that drives you to buy this unit.


6. Ovente Electric Glass Infrared Burner 7 Inch Single Hot Plate

Are you facing any kind of problem using a microwave? Then you should look for the best electric hot plate for cooking. Get this Ovente countertop burner.

This best infrared hot plate is always ready to serve. So, you can easily make food anytime. This quality burner ensures better performance to make you happy.

This is lightweight that allows the user to carry it everywhere. The compact design adds an extra feather for this hot plate. If you are going to travel with it, then there shouldn’t be any problem.

It is offering you a hassle-free cooking experience with 1000 watt power. It comes with infrared technology. This tech helps to heat up the food as fast as you need.

This unit is classy, especially housing. It is made of stainless steel. Even the top is sleek. This combination makes the unit more stylish. It is designed to distribute the heat equally and quickly. If you use flat surface cookware then you will get the best result from it. It works flawlessly.

What We Liked:

  • Heat up fast
  • Ceramic galls top make it more functional
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonable price

What We Didn’t:

  • Cannot use heavy pan or pot

It heats fast, it serves fast. This unit of the hot plate comes with the latest technology that you need. So, get this awesome unit for you as early as possible.


Considerations Before Buying The Best Hot Plates

Before you buy a hot plate you need to point out many facts. You need to be clear about all the facilities about it. A hot plate isn’t just only a tool of your kitchen, but it can help you to cook as fast as you need. So, let’s check out all the facts that you need to consider before buying it.


A hot plate should come with better performance. This cooking tool needs to handle boiling water, preparing food, etc. But there are some other basic functions it needs to be performed.

So, make sure it is capable to perform as you need. It should be far better comparing the gas stove. Pick that hot plate that is fast to cook and efficient to make your task easier.

Proper Safety

A hot plate is a tool of your kitchen that is open for everyone to use. Before buying it you should consider all the possible safety features of it. When the hot plate is on, then your children should be safe from it.

Some hot plate is popular for its safety features that help you to keep your children safe. Another problem is the fire hazard.

So, make its mark and find out the safety offered by the hot plate to prevent such an incident. Don’t buy that unit which skids during the cooking. It can be dangerous for you. Ensure it has the locking feature which needed to control the setting.

But it does not allow other people to change it. You also know that a more expensive unit means more features. The paying amount will give you extra facilities. If you are looking for a hot plate as a traveler then do not buy a large model of it.

Other Necessary Features

A hot plate offers lots of features that you need. Maybe some of them are missing in some units. So, check out the digital control, power setting, built-in-timers, etc.

All these features ensure better use of a hot plate. If you are on the road, then try to buy a hot plate with a simple mechanism. Sometimes more feature makes it more complicated to use, especially when you are in a hurry.


It is another important factor that you need to consider. It relates to the heating department of a hot plate. High wattage hot plate means you can easily cook your full course meals.

But careless handling can burn your food easily. So, it also depends on how you handle this thing. So, before buying a hot plate beware about the of wattage.

Heating Sources

Heating Sources

You can be confused to choose coil hot plate or glass surfaces. In recent times, the glass surface becomes popular.

The combination of these two things works perfectly as you need. On the other hand, Ceramic and metal coil are common. But it is important for the iron cookware. So, check out what is your actual need.


If you are a traveler then you must consider this feature. A hot plate is a thing you need most while you traveling. In this case, completely avoid glass hot plate.

Because it tends to break or get damaged. But the ceramic hot plate is not that type. It is durable and heavy as well. But you also need to ensure its size. It should be fitted in your suitcase.


The price of a hot plate fluctuates very much. It depends on the specifications and features. If you are considering size, wattage, technology, then you have to be flexible about the price.

Because it’s going to be high. It’s true that the price starts from $10 to upwards of $200. So, the choice is yours.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Are hot plates safe to use?

Answer: Most of the hot plates are offering various types of safety features. All these features are not for keeping you safe, but also your child as well. Despite these features, you need to take some basic precautions.

You should check off switch to make sure it properly works. This switch is also needed to cool the device quickly. So, ensure the situation when this switch is off position.

Don’t use the hot plate when the plug or cord is warm or damaged. Even do not use the hot plate near the flammable materials. Another thing is reading the manufacture’s instruction.

It’s very important to know the exact use of the specific model of a hot plate. If you follow all these instructions, then using a hot plate is completely safe.

Question 2: Are hot plates energy efficient?

Answer: Some hot plates draw electricity as a typical stove burner does. But the latest technology of hot plate does not take much electricity as the old one did.

A hot plate can take more time than the stove burner to boil water. That means it draws less energy to use. But energy-efficient of a hot plate also depends on the element.

Question 3: What are hot plates used for?

Answer: A hot plate is a tabletop appliance for cooking. Its sample and portable. It featured with heating elements. This tool is designed to be a perfect substitute for burners.

Most people use it as an alternative to the oven as well. For food preparation, you can use a hot plate easily. It helps you do it fast. People also use a hot plate because it’s convenient. You cannot switch the location of a kitchen stove easily. But a hot plate does not have such a problem.

Final Verdict

Are you done with review all the options for the hot plate? I hope you already decided to buy a hot plate on the option I’ve discussed. This article will help you to know every detail and feature of a hot plate.

To get a hot plate of better performance and quality you should pick one of these options. A hot plate is a versatile option for your kitchen. In your small kitchen, this tool is perfect to set.

Its compact tools can meet your expectations and requirement easily. After exploring the market I hope you will get all these options as best that I’ve discussed already.

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