Most Popular 10 Best Cotton Candy Machine Reviews

One thing is evident: Both children and adults love cotton candy. In the eyes of a child, the cotton candy that wraps around the wooden stick looks like real magic that makes the eyes widen, and that gives smiles and happiness.

And did you know that you can make cotton candy yourself? Fortunately, today you can prepare it comfortably at home. All you need is a good candy floss machine.

But how do you decide which one to buy? Which one is the best cotton candy machine?

Do not worry! In this article, our experts have reviewed dozens of products for you and created an exclusive list with the ten best cotton candy machines.

Continue reading the article and find the best model for your needs and your budget!

Best cotton candy machine Reviews & Comparison of 2020

Below we present the cotton candy machine reviews for you:

01. VBENLEM Electric Cotton Candy Machine – Top Pick

If you are wondering which cotton candy machine to buy, our advice for purchasing is this model of VBENLEM, designed for professional use but also suitable for those who want to prepare sweet food within the home.

Thanks to a 1 kW motor, it reaches the ideal temperature in a few seconds, ensures excellent performance.

This allows you to prepare 2 to 3 servings of cotton candy in about a minute. The use of stainless steel for the structure makes the device particularly resistant to wear and tear over time.

The head can be easily dismantled to ensure easy cleaning after each use.


  • Made of stainless steel, which is famous for its incredible resistance, even with frequent use.
  • VBENLEM Electric Cotton Candy Machine has a powerful resistance that can heat up almost instantly.
  • The components have been carefully selected to facilitate washing as much as possible.


  • The direction for assembly is quite difficult to understand.


02. VIVO Pink Electric – Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

The VIVO Pink Electric offers the best commercial machine, a solution that will drive your family and children crazy, and that will also prove excellent for professional use.

With the power of more than 1 kW, You will like to know that its use is quite simple. Just let the machine warm up a little and then insert the ingredients to create delicious sugary clouds 2-3 servings per minute.

Maintenance and cleaning are also quite simple. The VIVO Pink Electric has a retro appearance, which makes it even more palatable. Its compact size allows you to position it on any plane comfortably.


  • Professional machine, perfect to use with both sugar and candies
  • Stainless steel edge to keep the sugar inside and not let it fly
  • Straightforward use, maintenance, and cleaning, only hot water, and soap
  • Compact dimensions, suitable for any kitchen countertop
  • Retro look, beautiful to display on any occasion


  • The instructions are somewhat lacking according to some opinions


03. The Cannery Cotton – Best Rated Cotton Candy Machine

Among the models that we have compared in our ranking, we recommend The Cannery Cotton, with rounded and straightforward shapes and minimal dimensions, such as to support their use in any type of kitchen.

A quartz heating element guarantees the operating temperature, while stability is ensured by the rubber feet.

With a little practice, just one minute is enough to get a candy cane, so in our opinion, it proves to be an excellent choice to animate and make parties and birthdays more fun in which many children participate.

Our guide to choosing the best candy floss machines is enriched by this compact model with a sober design.

This guarantees excellent performance and speed suitable to meet the needs of a family or a party with friends.


  • Best Rated Cotton Candy Machine, which allows you to produce cotton candy in a short time.
  • The base has been equipped with plastic feet, which firmly anchor it to the table.
  • It can be conveniently washed in the dishwasher.


  • Some users think it’s too noisy.


04. BELLA 13572 Cotton Candy Maker, Red, and White

Choosing a good candy floss machine is not easy and depends on everyone’s needs. An exciting proposal is represented by the BELLA 13572 Cotton Candy Maker, which, already from the name, winks at retro objects.

The dimensions are compact, although slightly higher than those of other models in our ranking, but they adapt well to domestic use, even in environments that are not particularly spacious.

The best results are obtained using granulated sugar but, alternatively and to have different flavors, it is also possible to opt for hard candies.

Before starting to use it, it is advisable to heat the tray for about ten minutes.

In just over a minute, a nice stick of cotton candy is baked, only slightly smaller than that obtained with professional models.


  • Versatile in use;
  • Excellent shape with a greedy mix of white and red, the matte tub, and the candy logo.
  • Manages to pull out a stick completely wrapped in sugar strands in a short time.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The temperature adjustment is tricky


05. Great Northern Popcorn Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

The Great Northern Popcorn Commercial Cotton Candy Machine, with what looks like a magical touch to children, transforms a spoonful of sugar into a sweet and tasty white cloud.

Equipped with a two-wheeled cart and a rounded and compact design, the model has a removable tray to facilitate washing and cleaning operations, even in the dishwasher.

It doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to create one stick of candy.

Compact and beautiful in its pot-bellied design, the candy floss machine of the Great Northern Popcorn brand is aimed at those who want to buy a model with a low price, but functional and easy to clean.


  • The relatively small structure of the machine allows it to be inserted in any type of kitchen.
  • The components are easy to dismantle and have also been designed to be washed in the dishwasher.
  • The locked stainless steel pan and the non-slip cart offer a remarkable guarantee of safety.


  • It has severe vibration, which may feel uncomfortable.


06. Clevr Large Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

The best-selling Clevr Large has the Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machine, which features an attractive retro design.

For the preparation, it is possible to use both granulated sugar and hard candies, to be able to vary the tastes and satisfy the needs of young and old. The best results are obtained with sugar.

The dimensions are compact; they adapt to kitchens of any size and allow you to find a place to store them easily. This is an aspect not to be overlooked since you will hardly use it every day.

The tray measures 20.5” in diameter, and it is best to let it warm up for a few minutes before starting work, to obtain an optimal result.


  • Unique design to catch your attention.
  • The possibility of inserting granulated sugar, but also whole candies, allows you to prepare soft filaments with the combination of flavors you prefer.
  • Thanks to a modular structure that is easy to disassemble and reassemble, the machine is easily washable.


  • It doesn’t come with a power cord.


07. Great Northern – Best Home Cotton Candy Machine

Great Northern is the perfect solution if what you want is a machine for making cotton candy that you can use both in your home and during some events, such as school parties, ceremonies, family celebrations, or village festivals.

Great Northern can prepare a candy cone in just 30 seconds. It is equipped with a large steel tank, suitable for making cotton candy of immense dimensions. Also, this is easy to remove, and you can clean it without too much effort.

Its retro design and pink color make it a particularly beautiful object to look at, which immediately makes you want cotton candy. Despite its power, it is quite light and easy to transport.


  • Candy floss machine suitable for both home and events
  • One cloud of cotton candy in just 30 seconds
  • Excellent and professional 1,6 kW power
  • Large steel tank, comfortable to remove and clean
  • Light and easy to carry, it is equipped with a trolley with drawer
  • Very inviting retro design and pink color


  • Being so powerful, its consumption is not among the lowest


08. Nostalgia PCM805 Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker – Budget Pick

The Nostalgia PCM805 Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker is the best for those who want Best Home Cotton Candy Machine and that have the characteristics of being compact, efficient, and, above all, economical.

You won’t find any better on the market than this one with those requirements.

The preparation of cotton candy with this machine is simple, fast, and fun. The only concern you need is to warm up the preparation pan a few minutes before use.

This way, you can be sure of getting a better result and perfect cotton candy for the whole family.

This machine prepares both regular and combined sugar with candies.

Thanks to its size, you can easily position it anywhere. To remove sugar residues from the inside and wash it thoroughly, just disassemble it and use warm water and soap.


  • Simple use, both for sugar and for sweets
  • Compact, you can also place it in a small space in the kitchen
  • Quick and easy cleaning and maintenance, suitable for use without problems
  • Retro design with pink and white


  • The cloud of cotton candy is not abundant
  • It is not a machine for professional use


09. VIVO Pink Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Another excellent proposal for the preparation of cotton candy at home is the VIVO Pink Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine, an economical and compact solution that will be able to cheer up your family and any guests.

The feature for which we deemed it worthy of being included in this list undoubtedly regards the heating elements.

These are quartz and ensure that the heat spreads evenly. If you don’t know, this means a faster rise in temperature and optimal results.

Despite being a non-professional machine, its production capacity is certainly not low.

Indeed it is among the best on this list: in just one minute, it can produce up to 2-3 servings of cotton candy.


  • Machine for making cotton candy excellent for home use
  • Faster temperature rise and optimal results
  • It produces up to 12-3 servings of cotton candy per minute
  • The design is typically retro, pink in color
  • Easy to use and very practical to clean


  • The screws are not exactly very robust
  • In case of breakage, spare parts are quite expensive


10. Paragon Classic Floss Cotton Candy Machine

This machine, which every sweet tooth would like to have at home, quickly and easily transforms granulated sugar and hard candies into delicious cotton candy. You will have the delightful soft clouds the flavor that you or your children love endlessly.

Using it is very easy: you have to heat it, insert the ingredients of your choice, and then turn it on. Soon the delicious cake that has made generations of children crazy will gather around your stick.

Once you are done, easily dismantle the components and wash them quickly. Its slightly robust design makes it an excellent object that you can use anywhere.

Candy Cotton is not only ideal for your home parties, but it can also be a beautiful gift idea, high quality and very original, for any occasion.



  • 5 hp of power, for reduced consumption during its use
  • You can process both sugar and candies
  • Easy to use, clean and in maintenance after using it
  • Very affordable price concerning the quality


  • Despite being professional, it may not be suitable for intensive use during festivals


Important Things to Consider Before Buying the Cotton Candy Machine

We have come to the end of the reviews, but surely you will still have some doubts about it.

Which one to choose from these best cotton candy machines? Considering the factors we recommend below will help you find the best one for you.

Professional or home use

First of all, you have to choose a machine suitable for your needs. If you need one of these machines for trendy events or parties, you will have to opt for a larger and more powerful, precisely professional tool, whose production capacity is higher than the others.

Professional or home use


For your home or small events, medium-sized will be more than enough.

These are usually more compact and have much lower consumption. They may be slower than professional ones, but the results will still be excellent.

Preparation skills

By preparation capacity, we mean how many grams of cotton candy the machine is able to produce in a given period, usually 30 seconds.

If you have to use it for parties such as your children’s birthdays or company parties, you may prefer a reasonably fast one, capable of producing even 1 kg or more of cotton candy in an hour.

Cotton Candy

Remember that some machines can process both sugar and sweets, to obtain clouds with more colors.


Consumption depends on ability. As already mentioned, a professional machine will need a force of at least 1000 W. For a housekeeper, 400 W / 500W will be sufficient and will not burden your bills too much.

Remember then that a lower power is perfectly suitable if you will use it only at home or for a few friends or relatives.

Accessories supplied

Usually, with the candy floss machine, you get various accessories, such as a spoon and sticks. Some tools are more complete than others, and the choice depends on your needs.

Also, take into account the number of products you will find inside the package: for example, only a dozen sticks for a party with many guests at home are few.


Again, the budget is an essential factor. If you have a small budget, opt for the small machines which will be perfect for the home. But if you want a commercial level cotton candy machine, you will need to raise your budget.

Final Verdict

Admit it! You are interested in the cotton candy machine. With one of these products, you can relive that childhood feeling again or, if you need it for professional use, continue to revive it for the new generations.

Everything is about choosing the best cotton candy machine from the list above. Once done, you can finally let yourself be delighted by that soft and tasty cloud of sweetness.

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